Words by VITOR ANGELO When student turned-celebrity Geisy Arruda was harassed by her colleagues because she was wearing a mini dress_we are not talking about the 1950s_something is weird. Even weirder was to read the texts after the case gained strength in the media by some journalists who didn’t stand for the idea we should […]


SEL-fiE PORTRAIT — Melvin Israel

Interview by SUELEN FIGUEIREIDO To celebrate the U+MAG 10TH anniversary, we interviewed our contributors that have been using all their effort to make the mag continue going on. SEL-fiE #1 MELVIN ISRAEL, THE FRENCH ONE. Age? 27. Where were you born and where do you live? I was born in Paris, but I’ve always lived in […]


Estelita Mendonça A/W 2015

Photography by NUNO VIEIRA Special thanks to PEDRAS & PÊSSEGOS In the search for an identity, one faces the need to recognize the existence of the other and how the uniformity in society fades the individual. We mold here the idea of “work-wear” away from its iconic social place of professional identification, and towards the uniform for […]


INTRO #issue108 by Igi Ayedun

We never planned to be what we are. We We never projected our future. We We have many times thought of doing so, but we’ve always found something else more exciting to create right then and there, instead of breaking our heads trying to think of what we could become.